• Welcome to the official Wiki! This is the place for everything about Tina T. Kove’s fictional universe. The unofficial universe title is Northern at Heart, and it will consist of sub-series and stand-alone books. What every book has in common is that it takes place in both real cities and fictional small towns in Norway.

    The wiki is currently under construction, so it’s quite bare – but take a peek from time to time and you’ll see it growing as new books are released. Some entries are password-protected – this is to avoid spoilers before certain books are released.

    CAUTION: This wiki contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

    Information in here will change as books releases.


    Each book is told from a single character’s point of view. Bonus scenes in other character’s point of view is posted on Patreon.


    Between Us series

    The Between Us series follows Alex and his newfound relationship with Andreas. Glenn, another important character, is also introduced. Andreas’s friends and family features heavily in the books.

    Just Friends

    Just Friends is a novel told from Ben’s point of view. It is completed and is undergoing edits.

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