Alex Eknes

Alexander Eknes—Alex for short—is the main character of Something Between Us and Confessions Between Us. His struggles with depression are prevalent in the books, as well as his relationship with Andreas Lister and his past with Glenn Kildal.


This text contains spoilers from the books, so proceed at your own risk.

Before the Between Us series

Alex grew up with two older siblings, Kamilla and Leo. Their parents are neglectful, as well as abusive towards each other. They’re also abusive towards their children if they happen to get in the way of their fights.

In the Between Us series

Something Between Us and Confessions Between Us is told from Alex’s point of view and the books chronicle his meeting with Andreas, their growing relationship, as well as his past and present feelings for Glenn.

Physical appearance

Alex is described as tall, but shorter than Andreas and Glenn and Peter. He’s slender and scrawny, way too thin. He could benefit from gaining some weight and muscles.

His hair is black, straight and coarse. His eyes are blue, in particular azure. His arms are full of self-inflicted scars. He started cutting when he was 14 years old.

He dresses in T-shirts, loose-fitting jumpers and jeans; everything from H&M, the cheapest store in town. He also wears worn Converse trainers.


Alex has absolutely no confidence. This is not helped by his depression, which generally makes him have a negative outlook on life. This changed slightly when he met Andreas and fell in love, but he’s still struggling with depression. He has sought help as of the end of book 1 and is awaiting an appointment with the DPC.

He is modest, sympathetic (as shown when he worried about Glenn even though Glenn’s been an arse to him), loving, caring and intelligent.

  • school and studying
  • reading books (fantasy and science fiction)
  • writing fiction
  • his parents
  • conflict

Curriculum Vitae

  • Vikanes High School (2016-present) – General Studies
  • Vikanes Middle School (2013-2016)
  • Vikanes Elementary School (2006-2013)
  • Right Price (2016-present) – part-time


This text contains spoilers from the books, so proceed at your own risk.


Alex’s parents are neglectful and abusive towards all three of their children.

His older sister, Kamilla, was a good sister until she ran off and they never heard from her again.

The only family Alex is close to is his older brother, Leo. While Leo lives five hours away, Alex goes to visit him every weekend he’s off work. They spend every holiday together, as long as Alex doesn’t have to work.

Andreas is Alex’s cousin who lives in Oslo. Alex hasn’t seen him since he was twelve, but they now are in contact through Messenger.


Alex met Ben when he went home with Andreas. They gradually grew closer and now have a casual friendship.

Sarah was initially the girlfriend of Andreas’s best friend, but Alex and her got closer during the events of Confessions Between Us and they are now good friends.

Adrian is Alex’s coworker. Though they never talked much, Alex enjoyed working with him. After it turns out that Adrian is Andreas’s cousin, they start talking more at work and forge a fledgling friendship.

Alex doesn’t know Peter well; he’s just Andreas’s best friend who keeps in the background.


For the first six months of 2018, Alex had a sexual relationship with an unnamed co-worker. He moved away to university in the summer of 2018, however, and Alex never heard from him again.

As a sort of rebound to Glenn, he started having sex with a co-worker, Kim. That didn’t end well either as Kim decided he was straight anyway.

In July 2018, Alex had a short, two-week fling with Glenn. It didn’t end well and they haven’t spoken since.

Andreas is Alex’s boyfriend.

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Full nameAlexander Eknes
Age18 (in SBU and CBU)
BirthdateMarch 3
Hair colourblack
Eye colourazure
ParentsGeorg Eknes
Eva Eknes
SiblingsKamilla Eknes
Leonardo Eknes
Extended familyMary Fagerbekk†
Johan Fagerbekk
Andreas Fagerbekk
RomancesAndreas Lister
Glenn Kildal (ex-fling)
Best friends Ben Lister
Sarah Lieberg
Other friends Adrian Reiseth
Peter Nylund Vold
ResidenceThe Lister House, Vikanes, Norway
The Eknes house, Vikanes, Norway (former)
OccupationStudent at Vikanes High
Main characterSomething Between Us
Confessions Between Us
Appears inn/a
Patreon bonus scenes
Main characterAll scenes
Appears inAll scenes