Benjamin Lister

Benjamin Lister—Ben for short—is Andreas’s cousin.


This text may contain spoilers from the books, so proceed at your own risk.


Ben’s mother died just days after he was born, so he grew up with his uncle, Karl, and aunt, Marianne. They were like parents to him, and his cousins were like siblings.

Teenage years

Marianne died in a car accident when Ben was 13 years old, and he took this very hard. This was when he started cutting. With Karl unable to handle four teenagers, Ben moved in with his uncle, Thomas. When Karl ended his own life only a year after Marianne passed, it was another blow to Ben’s fragile mind.

Ben lost his virginity to Tarjei on his sixteenth birthday.

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Physical appearance

Black hair, straight and coarse.



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Curriculum Vitae

  • Vikanes High School (2015-present) – Music, Dance and Drama with a major in Music
  • Vikanes High School (2012-2015)
  • Vikanes Elementary School (2005-2012)
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Ben never knew his mother Hanna, as he was only a few days old when she took her own life.

Ben grew up with Karl and Marianne Lister as his parental figures, and they treated him as one of their own children.

They are Ben’s cousins, who also moved into Thomas’s home with him for a couple of years.

Ben grew up with them and considers them more siblings than cousins.

Thomas, Ben’s youngest uncle, took him in after Marianne died because Karl had a hard time dealing with his wife’s passing. Thomas has since always been there for Ben – and he got him right into therapy when he found out about Ben’s cutting.


Ben got to know Alex after he started dating Andreas – especially after Alex moved in with them.

Nikolai Müller is Ben’s best friend. He’s also his only friend. They’re total opposites but made their friendship work anyway. After Nik moved off to pursue higher education, they don’t see as much of each other and their relationship is more strained.

Ben has been in love with him for as long as he can remember.


On his sixteenth birthday, Ben lost his virginity to Tarjei Müller – who happens to be Nik’s older brother. They’ve been sleeping together since, but it’s only sex, nothing else.

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Full nameBenjamin Lister
Age19 (in SBU and CBU)
20 (in JF)
BirthdateMarch 10, 1999
Hair colourblack
Eye colourazure
ParentsHanna Lister†
Uncles and auntsKarl Lister†
Marianne Lister†
Thomas Lister
CousinsKristina Lister
Andreas Lister
Maria Lister
Johan Lister
Jørgen Lister
RomancesTarjei Müller (fuck-buddy)
Best friends Nikolai Müller
Other friends Alex Eknes
ResidenceThe Lister house, Vikanes, Norway
OccupationStudent at Vikanes High
Main characterJust Friends
Appears inSomething Between Us
Confessions Between Us
Patreon bonus scenes
Main charactern/a
Appears inAll scenes