Complicated Emotions

Complicated Emotions is a stand-alone book told from Matthias Nystrøm Kaasa‘s point of view.


I met him by chance—and everything changed.

My name is Matthias Nystrøm Kaasa and I’m a complete mess. I know it, I own it, and for the most part, it’s okay. 

When my sister forces me to go out with her, things change. I meet a guy—and he’s everything I didn’t know I wanted. He’s flamboyant, social, and fun to be around. He shows me what I’ve been missing, both in and out of bed. For the first time in years, I feel alive again. 

But my mental health’s deteriorating. And I fancy someone else. This thing with Kris is just for fun. 

Until it isn’t.  

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  • This is rewritten from “Lost Souls” – which was set in London, UK.
  • Matthias Nystrøm Kaasa’s name was Matthew Fielding.
  • Kris Jakhelln’s name was Caesar Ayton.


Listed in order of appearance.


  • Rune Nystrøm Kaasa
  • Albert
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POVMatthias Nystrøm Kaasa
Release dateSeptember 12, 2020
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