Confessions Between Us

Confessions Between Us is the second book in the Between Us series. It follows the budding relationship of Alexander Eknes and Andreas Lister, as well as their relationship with friends and family.


I have a confessions to make.

My name is Alexander Eknes, but everyone just calls me Alex. 

I have a new boyfriend and life’s never been brighter. If only I could figure out what to actually do with my life, I’d be all good. 

Then a trip away for the winter holiday turns everything upside down. New friendships are always good, but another startling discovery is not quite as welcome. What I thought to be true turns out to maybe be untrue? 

It’s time to come clean, but I don’t know how. I don’t know how to tell my boyfriend I slept with his best friend way before I even met him. Andreas is a chill guy, but even he’s got to have issues with this, right? 

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  • The old cover featured Alex, but the model didn’t fit. The new cover is a much better fit for Alex – and it is the same model used as Alex’s picture right here on this wiki.


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Release dateMarch 31, 2020
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