Something Between Us

Something Between Us is the first book in the Between Us series. It follows the budding relationship of Alexander Eknes and Andreas Lister, as well as their relationship with friends and family.



My name is Alexander Eknes—that’s Alex for short—and I am at rock bottom.

I meet Andreas Lister at the lowest point in my life. A single conversation turns into an unexpected night, ending in a weekend spent in his company. I’m hooked on him and there’s no stopping now. And do I even want to stop when being with him feels so good?

It’s more lust than love between us, but love has to start somewhere, right?

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  • This book is a complete rewrite of More than Words, previously released under TT Kove.
  • It didn’t start out as a complete rewrite. I just wanted to add Andreas’s POV to More than Words – but it took on a life of its own and turned out quite different than the original novel.
  • The first, original, cover features Alex – but the model didn’t quite fit.
  • The new cover features Andreas.


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POVAlexander Eknes
Release dateMarch 16, 2020
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