Vikanes is a fictional town in the centre of Norway, along the coast. It is a town of medium size, with approximately 25,000 people living there. There are 4 kindergartens, 3 different primary schools, 1 middle school and 2 high schools.



The Eknes house is Alex’s childhood home. Only his parents live there now that Alex, as the youngest child, moved out. His older brother, Leo, moved out three years ago.


The Kildal family live in a modern house not too far from Vanvika High School and the Lister house.


The Lieberg flat is the residence of Sarah Lieberg, her sisters and cousins. Their parents bought the flat so their children would have a place to live during high school instead of renting a dorm for each of them.


The Lister house is the home of Thomas Lister and his nieces and nephews.


The Müller family lives in a house not far from the Lister house.


Burger King

A popular hangout for students.

District Psychiatric Centre

This is two different buildings a couple of hundred metres close to each other. The first one is for those who have been referred by their GP and needs therapy, while the other is for people who are admitted and stays for longer periods of time.

Dan Robekk (n/a) – consultant
Gina Sagen-Lian (n/a) – psychiatrist
Viggo Eklund (n/a) – psychiatrist
Alex Eknes (February 2019 – present)
Adrian Reiseth (n/a)

Pinpoint Art

Pinpoint Art is a tattoo and piercing studio.

Gabriel Backer (n/a) – tattoo artist
Sebastian Eklund (n/a) – tattoo artist
n/a (n/a) – piercer

Right Price

Right Price is a chain store supermarket. Despite its name, it is not the cheapest supermarket around.

Alex Eknes (2016 – present)
Adrian Reiseth (n/a)

‘Suicide’ Bridge

This is the largest bridge in Vanvika and has earned the nickname ‘Suicide’ Bridge because it is a popular place for suicidal people to jump to their deaths.

It is so high off the ground it’s a sure way to die. Hitting the water from the highest point on the bridge is like hitting concrete.

Known people to have jumped off the bridge: Hanna Lister (Ben’s mother).

Vikanes High School

Shortened to VHS.

Vikanes Library

Vikanes Library was originally a bank before it was converted to the town library. It consists of three floors – the ground floor consists of the children section, while the first floor houses the adult and young adult books. The second floor consists of study rooms.

Vikanes Vocational High School

Shortened to VVHS.


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InhabitantsApproximately 25,000
ResidencesThe Eknes house
The Lieberg flat
The Lister house