Worlds Between Us

Worlds Between Us is the third book in the Between Us series and follows Glenn through a difficult time in his life.


We are worlds apart.

My name is Glenn André Kildal. I hit rock bottom hard and am now clawing my way back up. 

Nik was only supposed to be a one-time thing. One more shag before my life was over. But we reconnect during Easter and those pesky things called feelings are developing. There’s only one problem though: I’m in love with someone else. And Nik doesn’t particularly want to settle down with anyone, so there’s that. 

But even though we’re worlds apart, feelings have a way of messing things up anyway. We don’t fit together at all. We’re not going to last. 

Or maybe we are?

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  • The character on the cover is Glenn.


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POVGlenn André Kildal
Release dateMay 6, 2020
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PreviousConfessions Between Us
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